Pocket FMS Tools
PocketFMS Breadcrumb to IGC/KML Converter by ALiEN
Program converts breadcrumb file created by PocketFMS (www.pocketfms.org) to IGC and KML format. IGC files are usable in many sailplane oriented programs that have features like 3D overview of flightpath etc...(www.seeyou.si). KML format is used by Google Earth(TM) application (earth.google.com). Also automatic or manual WGS84 altitude correction can be applied.
If you get IGC and KML file with no coordinates enable "Ignore GPS Mode".
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Change Log
v0.25 - 18.05.2006
New features:
- Added option "Ignore GPS Mode". It is used since some GPS receivers log Mode 3 or even always 0. It should be 0 - No lock, 1 - 2D Mode, 2 - 3D Mode. So if you get IGC and KML file with no coordinates enable it.
v0.24 - 16.10.2005
New features:
- Added option to enter description to be used in KML file
v0.23 - 07.09.2005
New features:
- Added option for applying automatic WGS84 Geoid altitude correction (separation)
Data is precise for every 30 geographic minutes. Data provided by National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
 - Save dialogs for IGC and KML now automatically append correct file extension if name is entered manually. (Thnx Ron)
- Small code optimizations
v0.22 - 04.09.2005
- Position of application window is now center of desktop (should resolve problems on smaller resolutions)
- KML file selection dialog works now (Thnx Ron)
- If GPS provided WGS84 Geoid altitude correction (separation) it is used now
- When KML was created LookAt was set to first breadcrumb record. If this was record with bad fix your view in Google Earth was set to something strange. Fixed now to use first 3D fix breadcrumb.
- Code cleanup
New features:
- Added option for applying manual WGS84 Geoid altitude correction (separation)
- Added two different views (polygons, lines) in KML (Thnx flyjodel)
v0.21 - 01.09.2005
- Changed altitude written in KML file to meters (Thnx rongrenfell)
v0.20 - 30.08.2005
- Minimize window control added
New features:
- Added Google Earth(TM) KML conversion support (earth.google.com)
Only 3D fix GPS points are converted, others would mess up displayed path
v0.11 - 29.08.2005
- Added small fix for long filenames
- Added support for detecting correct Latitude, Longitude
- Added reporting of converted lines
- Added "About" dialog
- Negative altitudes are converted to 0, since IGC doesn't support them (Thnx Joerg)
- Small bug fix by longitude/latitude seconds conversion
- Added support for "Mode 3 GPS FIX". I assume it is 3D fix. Will discuss with PocketFMS team.
v0.10 - 28.08.2005
- Initial program release, probably still lot to be fixed so feedback is welcome